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Ali Baba has been a well known name in the Orlando area over it's 25 year history. Nothing stays the same, however, and we have now become Ali Baba House of Kabob, coming from a new ownership group emphasizing many bold new flavors, and a different management style. We only use fresh, quality ingredients, and we only expect to provide amazing service.

The word Kabob in Farsi translates to Grill in English, and it's no coincidence that this new name change coincides with an emphasis on a great number of dishes cooked fresh on our authentic persian grill using 100% halal meat.

 Experience the very best  Middle Eastern style restaurant  located within Central Florida. We offer the food that will immerse all your senses with an authentic taste of  Persian, Lebanese, and even some Indian cuisine elements.

Ali Baba offers tantalizing dishes made from fresh and flavorful ingredients that emphasize bold flavor while also offering healthy choices.

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Discover new favorite dishes every day of the week, and a comfortable seated dining experience with a large menu of options to choose from. All dishes are made  "from scratch" using fresh flavors and detailed preparation.

 You won't only taste the delicious and authentic food of Ali Baba House of Kabob, but you will also experience our warm hospitality and inviting culture.

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